Who can benefit from therapy?

If you have reached this website you may be curious about therapy and whether it is something that you might benefit from.  You may be feeling upset or that some aspect of your life really needs to change.  You may be feeling “ok” but know somehow there is either something missing in your life or something that you are on the cusp of discovering about yourself.  You may be feeling happy and satisfied and yet want a space to express your thoughts and feelings in an open and dynamic way.  A loved one may have suggested you seek help.  Another health care provider may have said that therapy would help you.  



You may be a mental health provider who is seeking professional consultation in order to fulfill your professional college’s mandate for ongoing clinical accountability or would just like more training or support.  These are just some of the reasons people become my clients.


Regardless of what it is that you would like to work on, my professional training and experience have taught me how to adjust to your situation in ways that highlight your best self.   It is my responsibility as your therapist to ensure a lively, safe, and warm therapy atmosphere.


Here is a list of some of the issues that clients want to work on with me:


Anxiety, worry, or feelings of panic or dread

Obsessive thinking and rumination

Sadness, the blues, or low mood

Dealing with the aftermath of trauma

Impulsive behaviour or getting yourself into trouble

Drinking too much alcohol or using too much cannabis

Difficulty regulating strong feelings such as anger or fear

Relationship issues such as questions, worries, doubts, or affairs

Caregiving a loved one with an illness

Questioning your sexuality

Loss of a loved one

Dealing with certain family members or family dynamics

Workplace dynamics and strain

Managing a health diagnosis

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How do I set up an appointment?


How do I set up an appointment?

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Please call 289 680 3373 for an intake phone call with me.  Intakes take about 15 minutes and this is where I find out some basic information about you like your name, address, and phone number and ask you about your reasons for seeking therapy at this time.  In that phone call I can usually determine whether we should meet for an initial assessment appointment which either takes place via video conferencing or in person.  


First session blah blah blah

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What happens at the first session?

The first session is an opportunity to gather information from you and it is your opportunity to decide whether you feel I can help you.  I will review material about privacy and confidentiality with you and ask questions and answer any questions you might have of me.  Over the first several sessions I will be asking you about your goals and needs as we form a plan for your therapy.  At the end of the session we will discuss next steps which can include rebooking.  Payment takes place after each session and a receipt will be provided to you.  



How early should I arrive?

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Great question.  If we meet at my office,  arrive 5 minutes before your appointment.  Ring the bell and I will come out and greet you and get you settled in the waiting area.  If I am with a client, I will wrap up on time so that we can start our session on time.  

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Will my insurance cover psychotherapy fees?

Clinic fees are in keeping with community standards.  My fees are not covered by OHIP.  If you have extended health care benefits please refer to your benefits handbook.  Be sure to look up the amounts available for the services of a Registered Social Worker or Registered Psychotherapist.  If you have coverage through your benefits for the services of a Psychologist, I would be happy to refer you to one of my trusted colleagues


Do I need to do anything before an appointment?

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When we meet in person for the first time, I will be giving you several forms to read and sign.  We can do this together when we meet.  If we meet via video, I will send you some documents ahead of time and ask you to reply via email.  After the first session you will usually have some sort of homework.  

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Can I make a virtual appointment?


I now offer my clients convenient online video appointments.  You can access therapy services from the comfort of your own home or office, or even on the go, via most computer or mobile devices with a stable internet connection.  The video consultations are by OnCall Health, a Canadian company that is committed to complete privacy between healthcare providers and their clients.

Contact me to schedule your online appointment! You will receive further tips and instructions at that time.

I live in Hastings County.  Do you have a rate for locals?

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Yes I do have a rate for local residents.  For clients living in and around Hastings County, the rate for psychotherapy is $120 per session.  Please be sure to ask me about this at the intake phone call.